The #1 Vision Critical Alternative - QuestionPro Communities

QuestionPro Communities is a leading community management platform that allows companies to create engaged customer communities, collect real-time customer insights and impact customer experience. QuestionPro has developed a simple three-step process to port your existing Vision Critical communities and panels into the QuestionPro Communities platform.

Exciting pricing options

Use QuestionPro Communities to make informed business decisions. Create and manage a thriving online community with the advanced functionality of the QuestionPro Communities mobile app. Collect analytical data with surveys, capture feedback and ideas with IdeaBoard, let your community post suggestions and ask questions and use the gamification tool to increase engagement. Get the “pulse” of your community with advanced reporting and analytics across mobile and desktop devices.

An easy way to transfer from Vision Critical

QuestionPro has made it easy for Vision Critical customers to move their online communities and panels directly into the QuestionPro Communities platform. Below is the three-step process to import you online community into your new and better community management platform - QuestionPro Communities.

  1. Create an account with QuestionPro
  2. We will help you with exporting your data
  3. We'll help port your data to QuestionPro
That's it! - We do everything else to get your community up and running!

Get access to Global Datacenters

QuestionPro offers our enterprise clients several geographical options to locate their data to comply with government/federal regulations. Clients can choose from any one of the data centres based in Seattle - USA, Toronto - Canada, Netherlands - Europe, Victoria - Australia, and Dubai - UAE.

Communities Mobile App

The QuestionPro mobile communities app acts as an extension for the online community and allows for push notifications and geo-location based surveys for real-time and relevant insights collection.

Enterprise Level & Robust Community Management Platform

QuestionPro is a cost-effective and a more robust community management platform than Vision Critical. Not only that, we also have community managers ready to help with round the clock customer service. We also have an enterprise-grade survey platform that’s deeply integrated into the communities platform! Leverage the platform to send out SMS-invites, build your community through social as well as our 22 million+ online panel, collect in-depth data and rich media, run advanced analysis like TURF, Gap, text-analysis etc. to collect actionable insights. Reward loyal customers with interactive points, gamification badges, cash, and donations.

QuestionPro Communities Vision Critical
Discussions right right
Blog right right
Notifications right right
Social Media Integration right right
Polls right right
Reactions right right
Full-Service Management right right
Fully Cloud-Based right right
Question and Answer right right
Communities Mobile App right
Automated Incentive Management right
Events right
Document Sharing right
IdeaBoard right
Badges right
CRM Integration right
3rd Party Apps Integration right

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